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Dedicated to Serving the Families of Fox Valley

THE ACADEMY Martial Arts Leadership (formerly Karate America) opened its doors in 1995 in Appleton, WI. For the last 24 years, we have been dedicated to serving the families of the Fox Valley. Jeff & Amanda Denu, owners of THE ACADEMY & parents of three young children, understand the challenges of being a parent and the importance of positive role models. Our team is committed to providing a safe, positive and encouraging environment with the BEST Martial Arts, After School, & Summer Camp programs in Appleton.

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We have watched our boys and our family benefit so much from being part of the The Academy Martial Arts family! One of the greatest benefits has been the respect that is not only taught but modeled by every instructor. The instructors have taken the time to walk along side our boys and teach them to be honoring young men by learning to set goals, work hard to achieve them, and to never give up! The awesome part is how this positive attitude shows up in the rest of their life - at school, at home, and at church. We are so thankful for all the life skills they have learned at The Academy Martial Arts!

Appleton Kids Martial Arts

Tom & Joy Berry

Our family has been part of The Academy Martial Arts for 10 years. Our children have definitely learned excellent karate and jiu jitsu skills that are very tangible and easily seen by others. However, they have learned much more than great martial arts skills. The Academy Martial Arts has enriched their character development and has provided an environment for our children to develop life skills including leadership, confidence, goal-setting, discipline, respect, integrity and more. Instructors at The Academy Martial Arts are not just martial arts instructors but they are role models for students in every way and they desire to help each student reach their individual best both in martial arts and in life. We are very blessed to be a part of The Academy Martial Arts family.

Appleton Kids Martial Arts

Rick and Kerry Thompson

We joined The academy martial arts about 4 years ago and have found it to be a welcome support network to our family. We originally went into it thinking we would learn all the karate basics and advanced moves in time, but found quite a bonus in the training offered there. When the instructors started to talk about Self Discipline, Focus, Respect and continuously had them take responsibility for their own behaviors and choices, it supplemented our own parenting and family expectations so well that we knew this would be a long term relationships. What we love about this particular karate school is its high expectation both of the students as well as the instructors. The kids aren't a number, they are a person with a name. The instructors make sure to use everyones name to make them feel as important as God made them. They also have a very low turnover of instructors. The same instructors are there now as when we started and that type of continuity and security is welcome in a society where everything changes on a dime. We love our The academy martial arts family!!

Appleton Kids Martial Arts

Chuck and Tammy Muller

Superb program with amazing teachers!!! My two children have become black belts and one is going on for his second degree. They have become better people through this program. There is so much more taught than karate. They have learned so much about themselves as well as others, learned respect, are goal-oriented and hold themselves to higher standards. I would recommend for anyone!!! Truly blessed to be a part of THE ACADEMY Martial Arts family!

Appleton Kids Martial Arts

Becky Lukas

This school has made my son become a very respectful and responsible young man. He has become more active and very interested it going far with his karate life. Thank you to the instructors for giving him the encouragement to keep going.

Appleton Kids Martial Arts

Corinne Moody

My experience at THE ACADEMY Martial Arts was one of the best experiences of my life. I can't say enough about Mr. & Mrs. Denu and the staff all though it's been some time since I have been able to do karate due to health problems I still think of the time I was blessed to have the experience my son also took the journey with me it. Was a great time and the school and staff are very professional awesome awesome awesome.

Appleton Kids Martial Arts

Bill Hoffman

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